LIVE at Coachella ft. Jamie Stewart, Erin Kiernan

It’s all fun in the sun at Coachella Music Festival for this very special LIVE* episode! Special guests Jessica the yoga instructor and Lorde the international superstar make this festival one to remember. This episode features Jamie Stewart and Erin Kiernan. Theme music by Terence Petersen: @terence-petersen

*Whenever you are listening to it, that it when it is being broadcast. Guaranteed.

Episode 4: Laguna Beach ft. Dylan Moeder

Zach and AJ visit Laguna Beach, California for a relaxing vacation after the harrowing events of the last few episodes, but come away with mixed feelings. When visiting, be sure to check out Books & Gin, the web design services of Eugene St. Ives, and the Annual Laguna Beach Surfapalooza Tubular Extravaganza. This episode features Dylan Moeder.

Episode 3: Bangor ft. Stephen Kipp

Bangor, Maine is an unassuming town, or so thought travel gurus Zach and AJ. The small city hides a surprising amount of secrets – and horror author Stephen King is at the center of it all! This episode features Stephen Kipp – find him and his projects at the links below:

Episode 1: Pittsburgh ft. Sam Ferguson

Zach and AJ, two self-proclaimed travel gurus, get a literally unlimited amount of money to see the country and create a podcast to share their reviews, recommendations, and stories with the world. Listen to this first episode of Where’s This Now?, where they review their hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. This episode features Sam Ferguson.